Daniel Weidner, managing director of the Förster Kunststofftechnik GmbH (right) is himself a convinced electric car driver. The partners of "AM-LadePole", owners of eCharge Hardy Barth GmbH, Hardy Barth (from left) and Stadtwerke Amberg Versorgungs GmbH with authorised signatory Dipl. Ing. (FH) Martin Malitzke and Michael Prechtl from Measuring Services stand behind their innovative, environmentally- friendly offer for the region (Photo credit: Karoline Gajeck-Scheuck)

Public charging station

The first semi-public electric charging station is now available in the community of Hahnbach. Daniel Weidner, the managing director of the Förster Company, is currently making the electric charging station available free of charge on his company premises to his employees, his own vehicle fleet, customers and electric vehicle guests. "It is important to us, as a company in the region, to do something for the region and also for the environment and therefore the quality of life. Our company is already a member of the "Umweltpakt Bayern" (Bavarian Environmental Pact) and since 2002 we have been using a certified environmental management system according to EMAS. We are also involved in "Business for Climate - The Platform for companies committed to the climate". We think about the future and innovations are important to us. Our employees will be able to charge their electric vehicle during their working hours free of charge, using electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.

The electric charging station is a regional product of the Stadtwerke Amberg Versorgungs GmbH together with its partner eCharge Hardy Barth GmbH. For some time now, the "AM-LadePole professional" charging concept has been offered to semi-public areas in Amberg and the region and is already being used by various companies. The electricity from 100% renewable energies is supplied by the Stadtwerke Amberg Versorgungs GmbH. The partners of "AM-LadePole professional" are pleased about the great demand among companies and their employees for the innovative charging concept in the semi-public space. Charging at the employer's parking lot is an incentive for existing employees but it also attracts new ones.

Each of the employers will therefore make an important contribution to the expansion of electromobility in the region. Hardy Barth, owner of eCharge Hardy Barth GmbH: "Our company has been involved in the field of electromobility for years and now has extensive know-how. Last year, we were awarded the "Federal Prize 2017" for outstanding innovative achievements for the trade. It is a great joy to see the district becoming more and more electrified." The electric charging stations together with the regional "eco" electricity of the Stadtwerke Amberg Versorgungs GmbH help to protect the climate in the region. Interested companies are offered individual consultation and solutions to help them achieve their own climate protection goals and to implement modern electric mobility technology.