District Administrator Richard Reisinger, Daniel Weidner and Manuela Weiß from company Förster Kunststofftechnik, family Götz, mayor Bernhard Lindner and Angela Powalla from the Economic Development of the District Office at a joint press event on the occasion of receiving the Biopolymer Innovation Award by company Genisys (picture: Marianne Moosburger)

Biopolymer Innovation Award for our customer Genisys

For the joint development of biodegradable ground hooks for the boundary cables of robotic lawnmowers, our customer Genisys GmbH was awarded 3rd place in the Biopolymer Innovation Award 2021 of the non-profit funding organisation Polykum.

Genisys GmbH sells robotic lawnmowers and the corresponding accessories. For six years, we have been allowed to supply the ground hooks for fixing the boundary wires for the dealer from Hahnbach. Shortly after the start of the cooperation, the first attempts began to produce the hook from biodegradable materials, as the hooks become superfluous after the cable has grown in and remain in the soil for a long time. In the end, the choice fell on a lactic acid-based plastic (PLA), which is biodegradable and easy to process.

With the aim of promoting the development of bio-based and compostable plastics, the non-profit association Polykum, based in Merseburg, announced the Biopolymer Innovation Award. The jury nominated three companies from Germany and Italy among the applicants for the final. At the international online congress "Biopolymer - Processing & Moulding", which was attended by more than 700 participants from six continents, the finalists first had to present their projects in a lecture. Afterwards, the award ceremony took place. Richard Götz from Genisys GmbH was able to achieve 3rd place in a diverse field of participants with the biodegradable earth hooks.

Congratulations to the Götz family and the entire Genisys company on this great success!

As a member of the pioneer initiative "Klimaschutzunternehmen e.V.", we are particularly pleased that our customers are also committed to environmental and climate protection and actively approach us with their ideas.