Any dealings with our employees, customers and business partners must be based on openness and fairness. Transparent and fair offers as well as an open communication are therefore the basis for a lasting and cooperative partnership with our customers.

In return, we also expect fair and open dealings from our suppliers and business partners.

We also expect our employees to treat each other with respect and a willingness to help.

Our employees' personal data are treated confidentially and protected against misuse. Data and information provided to us by business partners and that are subject to confidentiality are used exclusively to fulfil the tasks assigned to us and are protected from access by third parties.


Every single employee in our company is responsible for the quality of his or her work and is encouraged to actively participate in the continuous improvement process. The necessary qualifications of our employees are maintained through regular internal training sessions. Where necessary or desired, we support our employees with external training and further education.

Quality, environment,
occupational safety

Satisfied customers, a sustainable production method and healthy, motivated and efficient employees are essential conditions for the lasting economic success of our small company.

The high quality of our products and the fast and uncomplicated handling of inquiries and projects will ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

To protect and maintain the health and performance of our employees, we want to provide a safe, clean and ergonomic working environment for our employees.

An environmentally-friendly production method is also very close to our heart. Our operations should have as little impact on the environment as possible, conserve resources and avoid waste. We analyse the energy consumption, emissions and material usage of our operations in order to minimise our impact on the environment and continuously reduce the environmental footprint.

In order to achieve our goals regarding quality, environment and occupational safety, we have introduced and are maintaining our Integrated Management System "IMS QUA". We are committed to continuously improving the Integrated Management System in regard to its three subsections.

Economic efficiency

Our employees, the shareholders of the company, and the wider community benefit from the profitability of our company. Our actions are therefore based on economic principles. Strict cost management and a focus on performance ensure the continued existence of our company.