Everyone is happy about the new cooperation: chairman of the Jura-Werkstätten, Eduard Freisinger (le.), representatives of the Lebenshilfe Amberg, Genisys-owner Richard Götz (4th fr.ri.), Daniel Weidner (3rd fr.ri.), Kerstin Schön (2nd fr.ri.) und Mayor Bernhard Lindner (ri.) (picture: Marianne Moosburger)

Great approach for a new regional trio - Genisys, Förster Kunststofftechnik and Jura-Werkstätten work together

"A great approach for a new regional trio" emphasised Hahnbach Mayor Bernhard Lindner at the on-site meeting at the Genisys company on Sulzbacher Straße.

This company sells products that are produced by the company Förster Kunststofftechnik and packaged by the Jura workshops. "Yes, the relationships are very important to us", the owner Richard Götz agreed, "even if it means additional costs".

Eduard Freisinger, chairman of the Jura-Werkstätten Amberg-Sulzbach e. V., employees of the Jura-Werkstätten and Daniel Weidner, managing director of the Förster company, were pleased with the new cooperation.

From the Jura workshops, the employees Isabella Pickel and Melanie Merkel, the truck driver Markus Hoffman, Julia Pfannenstein from the federal voluntary service and the production manager Andreas Fromm came to the "premiere of the cooperation".

Fromm praised the staff for their constant motivation, especially during the difficult time of the Corona pandemic, despite all the adversities. Especially the identification with the work objective, the understanding of the interrelationships of a global economy had led to high quality there, which had rightly been certified with the environmental and social seal.

Richard Götz explained the importance of regional cooperation and showed the different products as well as the corresponding materials. Together with the company Förster, they have been working innovatively and cooperatively for a long time, not least to reduce CO2 emissions and for a sustainable, liveable future.

It was therefore decided to have the Jura workshops pack the lawn pegs with which the boundary wire of the robotic lawnmowers is fastened. The different types of these nails were developed by Genisys and Förster in cooperation. Some types are made of renewable raw materials and are completely biodegradable, for which they received the internationally recognised Biopolymer Innovation Award last year.

Many millions of lawn nails per year are now packed by the Jura workshops and sold by the Genisys company to about 600 DIY stores, mowing robot manufacturers and gardening and landscaping companies and to many private customers online. These Hahnbach products are even used worldwide.

The Chinese competition is still enormous, Richard Götz knows, and the transports with containers are actually "devastating" for the environmental balance. For a long time now, they have been doing a lot to have production in their home region, to leave the entire value chain in the region and to further expand this in good joint cooperation. He is already thinking of smaller repair items and many other parts.