Modernization of the machinery

By replacing a total of six old machines, we were able to significantly modernise our machinery and reduce energy consumption. ARBURG delivered four new machines in October 2018.

The modernisation of the machinery had already begun last year when a 22 t machine from BOY was replaced with two new 25 t machines from the same manufacturer.
In the summer of this year, another 30 t machine from BOY was replaced with a new 35 t machine from with hybrid drive the manufacturer ZHAFIR.
The replacement of the four ARBURG machines with clamping forces of 50 to 100 t will complete the modernisation for now.

Since the new machines have a significantly improved energy efficiency thanks to frequency-controlled drive motors, the modernisation was eligible for regional funding. The energy savings are up to 35 % compared to comparable fully hydraulic machines. Therefore, the modernisation makes an important contribution to improving our environmental balance.