[Translate to en:] Geschäftsführer Daniel Weidner (rechts) überreicht Mario Winkler einen Präsentkorb für zehn Jahre Betriebszugehörigkeit.

Christmas party 2018

At the end of the year, the staff was invited to our annual Christmas party. Apart from plenty of food and drink, a packed programme provided entertainment.

The event kicked off with a raffle in which the Christmas presents from our business partners were raffled off to the staff. Employees received more presents from the management as well as from the company's own Secret Santa.

Traditionally, the Christmas party provides a framework for honouring long-standing employees. This year, managing director Daniel Weidner was able to present machine setter Mario Winkler and authorised signatory Philip Rosenmeier with a small gift for each of their ten years of service.

Prizes were again awarded for participation in the company's internal suggestion scheme and the most diligent participants in the "Cycle to Work" campaign were rewarded.

The highlight of the Christmas party was once again the bowling tournament where the staff competed against each other in two teams and went full steam ahead with great ambition.